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Vizdum guarantees your creativity to stand above the AI driven world. Where you master, the world follows!

Do you dream of having stupendous excellence that doesn't hold you back from writing a 10K times liked tweet, dream IVY League Colleges, SEO beloved blogs?

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Fear not, because at Vizdum, we specialize in transforming aspiring learners into bountiful wordsmiths, ready to conquer the real world process with confidence, charisma and flair.

Picture This -

Tailoring audience perfected writings that not only meet but exceed the expectations of admissions officers, but also captivate, inspire, and leave an elongating impression. With our custom one-on-one classes, that dream is just a step away!

Do not let mediocre writing hold you back from reaching your full potential. 

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95% of Our Students

Reportedly showed improvement in their writing and presentation acumen after just 10 sessions.

85% of Our Trainees​

statistically achieve audience engagements, targeted goals and high retention in skills.

Creative Luxury ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Standing out is key to captivating an audience in the coming years. Vizdum unlocks explosive growth, propelling you towards an independent sustainability. It's your gateway to pursuing your dream work alongside inspiring colleagues. Alternatively, it can be your passport to geographical freedom and artistic satisfaction. 

Future Control

Social media can resemble a carnival, amplifying those who make the most noise or churn out the most inconsequential content, rather than those providing the most benefit.  The internet's potential is still unfolding. Social media, for all its flaws, remains a prime opportunity for businesses. To thrive, you need a strategy to cut through the clutter.

Evergreen Network

Struggling to grab attention? Posts falling flat? Growth stalling? Conversions crickets? Feeling invisible and unconnected? Sharper writing can turn it all around. Forget fancy phrases and perfect sentence structure. It's about forging a real connection with your audience. Powerful writing is all about the human essence.

Our Program Is For You, If You Want To -

✔️ Build an Audience

You want more people to read your work.

✔️ Share Your Vision

You have one clear message you want to share with other people.

✔️ Show Your Expertise

You're a domain expert with knowledge from 10+ years of experience that you can offer the world.

✔️ Develop Your Idea

You have an ambitious vision for your life and need help discovering your next best idea.

✔️ Grow As A Writer

You're jazzed about writing and want to become the best writer you can be.

✔️Attract Serendipity

You want your writing to lead to real-world outcomes.

What Makes Us Special


Before discovering Vizdum, you may have felt lost and overwhelmed by the daunting task of writing or presenting your thoughts.


After engrossing The Mastery Blueprint, you'll emerge as an authentic, confident and skilled writer, or an orator, that sets you apart from the real world competition.


We are not only dedicated but prosper in your success, providing constrictive feedback and guidance, clearing all the roadblocks.

Hosting your Success​ Story

Personalized Learning ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Tailored one-on-one classes ensure individual attention and customized feedback, allowing students to address their specific writing challenges effectively.

Comprehensive Resources

Gain access to a wealth of educational resources including eBooks, assignments, homework, quizzes, cheat sheets, and quick guides, designed to enhance learning and reinforce key concepts.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Rest assured with a satisfaction guarantee that offers a full refund if students are not completely satisfied with the classes, providing peace of mind and reassurance throughout the learning journey.

Explore Our Mastery Modules​


Understanding The Basics And Its Types

-  Ever wondered what makes a piece of writing tick?

Dive into the fundamentals in Module 1, exploring essay types and their unique characteristics, secrets to crafting writings and engaging capturing audience.


Crafting  A Solid Thesis

Struggling to pin down your main argument?

- Module 2 engulfs you through the art of crafting a robust thesis statement that anchors your writings and speeches, setting the tone for your entire piece.


Research And Evidence

Need evidence to bolster your arguments?

- Module 3 equips you with research strategies to find credible sources and compelling evidence. Learn how to weave evidence seamlessly into your essay for maximum impact.


Sherlock Your Evidences​

 Feeling overwhelmed by the mess?

- Module 4 is a roadmap for bricking your creations, from organizing your thoughts to creating cohesive paragraphs.


Best of Both the Worlds

Struggling to make a memorable first impression or tie up loose ends?

- Say hello to dopamine packed creations in Module 5 that gust a punch from start to finish.

MODULE 6 - Establishing Coordination​

Tired of getting lost in a maze of convoluted arguments?

-Connecting with your viewers can be a butter walk now! Module 6 equates the art of developing clear and coherent arguments that resonate with your audience.


Enhancing Clarity And Style

Fed up with tangled syntax and wordy prose?

- Module 7 fixes the errors, trimming in style and enhancing clarity and streamline your writing style.


Perfecting Transitions And Flow

The Mirage of Transitioning Perfection ?

Offering strategies for perfecting transitions between ideas and paragraphs is the foundation of Module 8. Welcome to seamless transitions that keep your readers hooked and booked!


Polishing Your Essay

Ready to give a sweet kiss to your writings?

- Module 9 dives into the finer details, eliminating flaws from grammar and punctuation to formatting and citations.

MODULE 10 - Presentation And Reflection

Cold feet at the end? Vizdum got you!

- The passageway in Module 10 leads you to the presentation process, from formatting to delivery. Join our Charisma Catalyst Course today!

Transform your writing skills and secure your future success.

You are just ONE inch away from the Ultimate Vizdum!

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C0-Colleague Sessions

$ 97.88

10 Live Classes/month (max 10 students/batch)
  • Live Classes and Writing Guides 
  • Grammar and Style eBooks
  • Assignments And Quizzes
  • Writing Formula Tool-kits and Cheat Sheets

1 on 1 Personalized Classes

$ 195.88

10 - 1 to 1 Live Classes /month
  • Live Classes and Writing Guides
  • Grammar and Style eBooks
  • Assignments, Quizzes and Handwritten Notes
  • Writing Formula Tool-kits and Cheat Sheets

Meet Your Instructor 

Vidhya Sharma

Hey there, fellow Vizdumiers !

See the face above? 
Yep, that's me, Vidhya. 

From barely scraping by in high school to navigating the corporate world, I've been there, done that, and earned my stripes. Now, I'm on a mission to turn the 99% into the elite 1%—and you're next in line for transformation.

Feeling like just another face in the crowd? With 90% of everything available online, it's easy to get lost. But that crucial 10%? That's where I come in. I'll arm you with the skills to future-proof your success.

We're so confident in the value of our content that we offer a no-questions-asked refund policy. If for any reason you're not satisfied with our classes, we'll refund your entire fee promptly. TnC Applied

Welcome to Vizdum—where dreams become reality. Whether it's securing a spot at your dream college or crafting compelling prose to shape your destiny, our mission remains unwavering. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our classes are live and interactive, conducted by experienced tutors in real-time. This allows for personalized feedback, Q&A sessions, and a dynamic learning experience tailored to each student's needs.

What study materials are included in the course package ?

Our course package includes a comprehensive range of study materials to support your learning journey, including ebooks, assignments, homework, quizzes, cheat sheets, and quick guides. These resources are designed to enhance your understanding of essay writing concepts and reinforce key skills.

Yes, the payment for our course is a one-time fee. There are no hidden charges or additional fees. Once you enroll, you'll have access to all the classes and study materials included in the package.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with our classes for any reason, you can request a full refund within a specified timeframe. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to ensure a positive learning experience for all our students.

 Yes, we limit the number of students in each class to 10 to ensure a personalized learning experience and individualized attention from our tutors. Our small class sizes allow for interactive discussions, collaborative learning, and focused instruction, maximizing the value of each session for our students.

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